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Re-Useable Biodegradable, Eco friendly , Reusable Bamboo Plates, A Healthy Choice

Updated: Feb 1

Introducing Bamboo plates in VirgoArtistic Malaysia that are bio degradable, eco friendly and reusable.

The bamboo dinnerware is made from 70% bamboo fibre and 30% of the

food-grade melamine is used to facilitate the shaping and reusability of tableware. It will not cause too much waste of resources like disposable tableware, but also greatly reduce non-degradable ingredients

Reusable Bamboo dinnerware are an excellent alternative to traditional plates. The Bamboo Plates come in round, square, and rectangle and are great for special occasions or for everyday usage. They are thick, durable, and made to last.

Reusable bamboo plates is light and thick, not like disposable tableware. It can be recycled and is dishwasher safe.