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Let The River Flow

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let the river flow

Life is like a river, let it flow. It emerges from the high peak of the mountain , without knowing how far down one has to go, but just to get something, it keeps flowing. The path of the river is full of stones and rocks, but its determination is so strong that it is breaking all the obstacles coming on the way and moving forward.

Sometimes here and there, 
sometimes up and down, 
sometimes aggressive and calm.
sometimes flows and sometime still and sometime overflowing 
But it knows how & what to do to reach the destination?

This life is like river, let it flow. People will stop you , will try to push you back and will put barriers. If you won’t struggle, won’t put efforts then you will stuck there only and will be used by them for their personal use like river, people make dam to stop water to flow further and use its water to create electricity. This water is stuck and is weak in front of these huge dam. But remember this, river, if wants to flow then it will find its way by any means . Sometimes nature help in the form of flood or sometimes dam is so weak that it can’t handle the rivers pressure for so long. In life also sometimes god come and rescue the soul or sometimes its human‘s inner strength that it breaks all the barriers and flow like river. So it’s up to human how he or she handles the situation. Some like to stuck at same place and burn like candle to lighten other lives but some like to flow and move on to get something out of life and to know the real world and to know their existence.

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